1. California State at Northridge has a great support site for chemistry teachers at any level. There is a list serve you can register for at this site. Look carefully for the blue buttons (they are tiny). Hit “join us” to sign up for the list serve. Hit “resources” to find an incredible cache of chemistry materials at all levels. Hit the “labs link” to find demonstrations, experiments, on line labs, safety tips and lab kit reviews. The address is
  2. is “Mrs. B’s” class page on Granada Hills Science Magnet School. Go directly to “Chemistry Web Links” (do it quickly as this site is supported by those annoying ads that keep popping on to your screen). There are loads of links for elementary, middle and junior secondary (Bill Nye, Chem4Kids, How Stuff Works, etc) as well as senior secondary chemistry.
  3. is the Woodrow Wilson award winning chemistry site. Go to the web links for students and/or teachers.
  4. The Wilton High site has a huge array of links. Access the links page directly by typing in Web reviews are also available from this page.
  5. provides a massive number of links to every topic in chemistry you could ever be interested in (and some you probably are not interested in as well).