1. is a great link site for AP Chemistry. Download AP Chem Study Cards, reviews of the latest AP study guides, an awesome section on Predicting and Classifying Chemical Reactions. There are links to the Exams Institute at Clemson (ACS exams ordering information) and Educational Innovations (a company that produces lots of neat science stuff). The section on chemical reactions has question number four (equation writing) available for download.
  2. Harvey Gendreau is the fellow who used to sell disks of all the AP exam questions back to 1970 arranged by topic. The College Board’s lawyers paid Harvey a visit and told him he was not allowed to charge for their copyrighted questions. Harvey responded by posting his material on the web for free. In April of 2002, the College Board served a cease and desist order on Harvey and forced him to shut his site down. BUT, Harvey is still battling. Go to Harvey’s site at and check out “The College Board and Me”. It’s available again AND it’s FREE. How long for? Your guess is as good as mine. Time is of the essence.
  3. This site is maintained by the College Board. They are the governing body of “all things AP”. Recent examinations and their “rubrics” (a fancy name for the answer key) are posted here. You can also access the FORM B exams. Form B is written by students who live in time zones significantly different from our own. In addition, The College Board has allowed a company called APEX Learning Inc to offer an on-line review program for several AP subjects, including Chemistry. For $44 U.S., students can access diagnostic testing, practice problems, audio and video tutorials and practice tests. Try a practice diagnostic test, free of charge, through this site.
  4. Steven Haderlie’s site contains a variety of information relevant to the AP Chemistry exam. Of particular interest are Steven’s spreadsheets which classify the AP Exam questions (from 1980 to present) according to topic area. All released multiple choice questions are included.