Web Help for Chem 12

Ms. Smith recommends the following sites for you:

  1. First and foremost: www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams/ is the ministry of education’s award winning site, containing everything you ever wanted know about the Ministry of Education (and a bunch of stuff you’d probably rather not know). By adding /exams/ to the end of the address, I have helped you avoid some of the less desirable stuff. Of particular interest will be the sections “about grade 12 exams”, “exam specifications and scoring guides” and ESPECIALLY, “write a practice exam”. You can select any of the four exams offered each year for the past two years. Fully worked solutions along with statistics can also be viewed. Once you’ve finished your chem, all other subjects are here!
  2. www.quizmebc.ca was designed by students and staff at Heritage Park Secondary across the river from us. This site lets you select the unit you wish to review for. The “quizwiz” segment lets you do a real time quiz on line with multiple choice questions randomly generated from the past two years’ examinations.
  3. http://www.iannonechem.com was compiled by Mark Iannone.Mr. Iannone teaches at a school even closer to us than Heritage Park; W.J. Mouat!! This site offers daily and review worksheets with two practice tests for each unit in thechemistry twelve course. There is also a section collecting old scholarship questions for each unit. Answers for all worksheets, quizzes and tests are provided. The “daily quizzes” are brief, consisting of ten to fifteen multiple choice questions addressing each lecture topic independently. These could be particularly useful for ongoing review.
  4. http://killarney.vsb.bc.ca/pope/index.htm is the creation of Doug Pope who teaches in the city of Vancouver at Killarney Secondary. Mr. Pope’s “study guide” section allows you to download ‘outline’ or ‘full’ notes and PLO’s (prescribed learning outcomes, in case you always wondered – sometimes called ILO’s for intended learning outcomes) for each unit in the chemistry twelve course. In addition each unit has links for enrichment and/or enlightenment. The special aspect of this site is the provincial exam collection which extends back to 1994. In addition to the four exams and keys per year, Mr. Pope has arranged the exam questions (both MC and written response) by unit.
  5. www.webelements.com is the MOST UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME periodic table you will ever see anywhere. This thing lets you look at everything about every element along with every periodic trend imaginable.
  6. Finally, for a little break, but still chemistry related, check out the Periodic Table of Comic Books at  www.uky.edu/Projects/Chemcomics/index.html. Be sure to enlarge the comics to full page size for maximum enjoyment. Have fun!!!
  7. Are you a KEENER (or a teacher with Keener students) wanting materials for review and a better understanding of Chemistry? If the answer is yes…go to Chemreview.net right away. This is an awesome website loaded with mini-lesson style tutorials on all the core chemistry topics. Great for grade 11, 12 and AP students. Could easily replace a boring summer assignment from a text book! Recommend the applicable units on your kids’ report cards. What a wonderful replacement for some canned report card comment, eh?