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NEW!!!  Science is an awesome source of all kinds of things for science students and teachers.  This particular page gives loads of note outlines for AP chemistry.

  1. Advanced placement Digital Library for Biology, Physics and Chemistry (APDL) in an online digital library designed to meet the teaching and learning needs of teachers and students at the Advanced Placement (AP) and Pre-AP levels. Also check out the National Science Library.
  2. A virtual chemistry textbook called “CHEMystery” (as well as “Fizzics Fizzle”) can be found at (You will have to click on the link half-way down the page).  This award winning virtual textbook provides an interactive guide to several chemistry topics for junior and senior secondary students.
  3. The IrYdium project develops software for use in introductory chemistry courses. The site which supports this project contains outstanding notes in skeletal and complete formats. The site was designed at Carnegie Mellon University and can be accessed at Go to the “course web site” and check out the “lecture notes” and “assignments”. Incredibly creative stuff!!!
  4. Tom Green has made his power point slide presentations for each chapter in Zumdahl available to anyone who wants them at Very nice for review.
  5. “Rhonda Alexander has done a fantastic job of summarizing all the critical material for the AP Chemistry Exam. Only 17 pages!!! This is a MUST HAVE resource for students. Thanks to Rhonda of Robert E. Lee High in the great state of Texas.”  The link is: RAlexReview
  6. Description:  These On-Line Chemistry Lectures are short pieces delivered by very experienced AP Chemistry teachers.  They provide great back up to Ketan Trivedi’s AP Chemistry DVD from Virginia Tech!
  7. Welcome to the Chemical Education Web Site.   It’s very friendly and chock full of great stuff.  Start with the “top ten” and move on from there!!
  8. AP Teacher Community:

AP Chem Review

  1. NEW:  Exam Review Pictures & Graphs for more review materials for your exam.
  2. NEW:  AP Chemistry Exam Review (download as described below for the full experience) is an interactive PowerPoint which will help you prepare for your AP Exam!