Interactive Chemistry Resources

  1. The site is called:  “The Periodic Table of Video’s”.  Oh My Gosh! If you have not been to head there post-haste!! This offering from the University of Nottingham has everything a chemistry student (certainly a chemistry teacher) loves.  Martyn Pollakoff, Research Professor of Chemistry specializingin “Green Chemistry”, and four of his colleagues have assembled video’s on every element in the table. There are even sub-titles for Americans who have a tough time understanding the Brits’ accents (though a few of the subtitles are in Portuguese). The annoying ads by Google may be shut off.  Be sure to check out Martyn’s periodic table tie…and…oh that hair!! This is a don’t miss!!
  2. takes you to BJ’s AP Chemistry page. There are a wide variety of multiple choice questions with answers. The free response section allows the selection questions by type. There are also ten sets of reactions for practice. In addition there are suggestions for exam preparation.
  3. A huge number of quizzes on many chemistry topics (student generated) are available, along with worksheets at
  4. What a GREAT selection of worksheets at Adrian Dingle’s Chemistry Toolbox and Worksheet  Archive: OUTSTANDING!!!